The attached Rules, Regulations and Covenants have been established by the Board of Directors as minimum requirements intended for the protection and promotion of the environment, the health, safety and the general welfare of property owners in our Association.  Their enforcement must become the personal responsibility of every member of our Association.  Please rend the Rules and Regulations carefully and become familiar with them.

Members in good standing may use the facilities provided by the The Association when property identified by a current badge,  and when following the Rules, Regulations and Covenants of the The Association.  



SEPOA RULES AND REGS FINAL - 03 09 19.docx.pdf

Please see the attached latest revised Rules, Regulations and Covenants of the Association.

The following are most common rules:

  • No Speeding - Speed Limit 25 mph
  • No Passing
  • Stop completely at stop signs
  • No Parking on Roadways
  • No Parking at Amenities without current sticker - vehicle may be towed
  • Must have badges to utilize amenities
  • Fishing is Catch and Release - Need PA Fishing License and SEPOA badges 
  • No Burning
  • No Fireworks - Zero Tolerance ($500 Fine)
  • No Tree Cutting without a Permit
  • No ATV's
  • No Hunting/Discharge of Firearms
  • Leash and Clean-up after your dog
  • No Illegal use of vehicle passes
  • No household trash is to be placed in community trash cans.  ​